This Hole in My Chest

Browser playable game about feeling sad and lonely.

Personal work made to cheer a friend up.

A Manifesto for Gentle Games

We've gotten good at making them look gentle, but this is just a cover for systems and gears controlled by a cold machine, and players continuosly die in the cogs.

We should make our games be gentler.

How Not To Sink

How not to sink is a game inspired by my experience with anxiety.
It asks you to write about your day, your fears and feelings.

It will be a very personal experience, please make sure you play it on your own so you can pour yourself into it unrestrained.


Walk around the beach picking up stuff washed up by the sea, then make little sculptures with it.

Inspired by the lovely work by the artist Luis Cruz Suero.



Interactive installation that creates multiple imposible spaces, projecting perspectives affected by the viewers position.

The multiplicity of space and perception interrogates us about the objectivity of our realities and our active part within them.

Sound Sculpture


This single user interactive installation has you touching the air to find the shapes floating in space, guiding you through interactions with sounds.

Turbo Corp

(Fake Studio)

Turbo Corp is a game studio that sporadically gets together to create sarcastic anti-capitalist games.


(Real Studio)

Rodaja is a small independent studio founded in 2013 by four almost brothers.

From the south of Spain they develop local multiplayer games which destroy friendships from all over the world.